Paint Matching

Paint Matching
Painting a car door ding, refinishing a paint scratch, or even refinishing a car that has been in an auto accident can seem like such a simple task; but if you have ever tried to do this you understand that it is much more difficult that it seems. There are many factors that go into making a color match perfectly.
It also might seem simple for a body shop to be able to match color a vehicle because the manufacture puts a code on the door that, with proper equipment, gives the formula to mix the desired color. However, there are several external factors that change this perfectly mixed color…

Color can change based on the material that is getting painted. Ladies will understand this very well; when you apply nail polish to a nail with an acyclic it is different shade of color than when using the same bottle of nail polish to paint a natural nail. The exact same paint bottle, in the same circumstances (weather, number of coats, and time between coats) and the colors are completely different. Well the same thing happens when color is being applied to a plastic bumper versus a metal side panel. You might even notice that many brand new cars will vary in color from body to bumper. Pigments settle differently on plastics than on metals causing pigment flotation which shifts the colors slightly either darker of lighter

Many other factors can contribute to the change in paint color including the outside temperature, auto body paint film thickness, time between coats, speed and type of the auto body paint spray gun, surface type, and humidity. These factors will all cause the auto body paint color to shift lighter or darker.

Sunlight also has to do with color matching. A car exposed to sunlight for years will being to fade in color. The sunlight’s ultra-violet rays absorbed some of the pigments in the auto body paint. Blue paint colors will shift to a green shade, reds will begin to turn pinkish or sometimes even an orange. So once you apply what you think is your auto body color code paint, you will see the new coat of paint will look brighter.

It is really important to take your car to collision center that knows to take all of these factors into account when you are choosing an auto body repair Hammond shop. Top notch body shops know what they are up against when matching paint and work efficiently to get vehicles back in pre-accident condition.