Important Information to Know After A Car Accident- Part Two

We covered in Part One What to do after a car accident. We know immediately to stay calm and call the police, and we’ve learned who to call and who to trust. Also covered in Part One was how to find a good auto body repair Lansing shop, identifying if the vehicle is drivable or not, how to determine the right parts for your car, and the like.
Well, now your car is in the body shop for repairs…What happens to the car once it is in the body shop after an accident.

Vehicle Repair Process

Vehicle Repair Process:

Reporting the Claim
The customer reports the claim to the insurance company, and the claim number is assigned.

Contact Collision Center
The Collision Center will receive an assignment from the insurance company or a copy of the estimate. The vehicle can be immediately scheduled or dropped off for repairs.

Alternate Transportation Provided
If needed, the Collision Center should assist in getting you into a rental vehicle by calling the rental company or offering in-house service.  If a rental is not necessary, most reputable collision centers offer free pickup and delivery.

Vehicle Pre-Wash and Inspection
Prior to disassembly and damage analysis, the vehicle is prewashed so that all damage, whether claim related or prior, can be identified and assessed.

Vehicle Disassembly and Damage Analysis (Blueprinting)
Vehicle is completely disassembled so that all impact damage can be identified. The estimate is completed and all the parts are ordered. The repairs can begin.

By completing disassembling the vehicle where in the beginning of the repair, the Collision Center is taking time off the repair because they can order all the parts right away.  That eliminates parts’ delays and supplements.

Structural Repairs
A reputable body shop will use a laser measuring system to provide an accurate measurement of the vehicle to identify any structural damage. The vehicle is monitored through a computer terminal and the information is displayed for the technician. The vehicle is returned to its factory specifications, which ensures that the vehicle is safe after the repair.

Body Repairs
After removing the vehicle from the structural repair center, sheet metal repair and replacement operations are performed.

Vehicle Refinishing
All panels that will need to be refinished go through a very thorough preparation process. Paint is applied in a spray booth; when the vehicle is thoroughly dried, it is polished as needed to match the original factory finish and texture.

The vehicle then goes into reassembly to have trim, such as door handles and moldings, reinstalled.

Quality Control Inspection
Each area is closely inspected for fit and finish, and color matching to ensure that all work was properly completed. All repair and refinish work is audited line by line with final estimate.

The vehicle is cleaned thoroughly inside and out to ensure any and all dust or residue creating during the repair process is removed.

Customer Contact
The customer is updated during the repair process to keep them informed as to the status of the repairs, as well as final notification upon completion.

Vehicle repair

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